More Benefits of Lowsitol

Unlike other products on the market, Lowsitol contains a complete combination of 10 ingredients uniquely designed to improve the action of insulin and normalize your blood glucose

Blood Pressure

Alpha-lipoic acid and acetyl

l- carnitine in Lowsitol have been shown to lower blood pressure and vascular tone.


The unique Lowsitol combination including inositol, D-Chiroinositol, insulin lowering agents including fiber may lower your cholesterol and triglycerides

Belly Fat

L-Carnitine, and Lowsitol improve insulin resistance as well as bind fats which makes you feel full.


Reduce your

carbohydrate cravings

Hemoglobin A1C

Lower your hemoglobin A1C as well as your carbohydrate cravings which will result in lower weight.

Gut Health and Immune System

The added fiber and probiotic may also improve your gut health.

Anxiety / Depression

The addition of N-Acetylcysteine can help with anxiety and overall brain health

Ovulation / Fertility

Enhance your fertility by Improving hormone levels, egg (oocyte) and embryo quality as well as greater IVF success.

Lower Inflammation and Improving Brain Health

L-carnitine has also shown to improve cognitive function, brain focus, boost circulation decrease muscle fatigue and lower body inflammation.

Metabolizing Fat and Improving Fatty Liver

Studies have shown that intake of choline may improve insulin resistance. Choline has an important role in metabolizing fat and decreasing cravings. This can improve overall weight loss. Choline may also help resolve fatty liver. Choline is essential in the production of the neurotransmitter called acetylcholine which has a role in memory as well as prevention of muscle fatigue.

Lower your blood sugar with Lowsitol

Stop fighting alone. You can change your life and health with Lowsitol!

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Help Your Body Maintain Healthy Blood Sugar Levels

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