Lowsitol your management support for insulin resistance and blood sugar.

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You are not alone on this journey. Let Lowsitol be a part of your life too.

Sometimes, your body needs a little assistance when it comes to breaking down food into nutrients, metabolizing glucose, producing insulin, and balancing hormones.

Complications From Untreated High Blood
Glucose Levels Include:

Type 2

Poor Weight Control



Neurological Disorders

Hormonal Imbalances

PCOS (polycystic ovary syndrome)


Your body craves balance

This balance is disrupted when the body is dealing with elevated blood glucose levels and insulin insensitivity.

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Normal Pancreas Insulin Production

Every nutrient in Lowsitol works together to support your body’s need for balance. Our formula helps improve the cell’s response to insulin to better support healthy blood glucose and insulin levels.

Insulin Resistance Pancreas

When left untreated, elevated blood glucose levels and insulin resistance increases the risk of: Type 2 Diabetes, Hormonal Imbalance, PCOS, Obesity, Heart Disease, Kidney Damage, Nerve Damage, Infertility.

Both scenarios can have a negative impact on the cells in your body, leaving them starved for energy. When blood glucose levels remain high for too long, problems can arise, potentially resulting in organ damage.

Several variables can contribute to improper
glucose metabolism from our diet.

Several variables can contribute to improper glucose metabolism from our diet.

Your pancreas is not producing enough insulin to transport glucose molecules from your bloodstream into your cells where it should be converted into energy.

Your cells have stopped responding to the effects of insulin, which leaves both glucose and insulin to circulate in the bloodstream.

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Our Doctor

Dr. Michael Allon MD, FACOG, Double Board Certified in Obstetrics & Gynecology and in Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility

I have been treating patients for over twenty years when I realized that there should be a better solution to combat insulin resistance before it progresses to diabetes.

Insulin resistance occurs when the cells in the fat, muscle and liver can no longer respond to insulin and the individual can’t use glucose for energy.

The fasting blood glucose will increase above one hundred and remain below 125. The resultant weight gain particularity in the abdomen is termed belly fat.

In addition to weight gain there could be an increase in blood pressure, cholesterol, triglyceride and eventually type 2 DM.

I wanted to give my patients an alternative approach to managing the symptoms of Insulin Resistance.
This is why I created Lowstiol. When i noticed my patients were getting sick on medications to where they couldn’t eat for days i knew it was time for a change. They struggled with their weight and constantly felt fatigued.

Lowsitol has given my patients the strength and hope they need to manage their symptoms of insulin resistance.

Working with Lisanne Wellness Center for Lifestyle management with low carbohydrate diet and one scoop of lowsitol daily can have a tremendous impact on combatting and possibly reversing insulin resistance.

Lowsitol's Revolutionary 10-Ingredient Formula

Every ingredient in our proprietary formula has been thoroughly researched and tested.

Inositol is a naturally occurring compound that has been demonstrated to have positive effects throughout the body.

  • Inositol and D-chiro-inositol are a powerhouse duo that support healthy blood glucose, cholesterol, and hormonal androgen levels – all of which are essential pillars of optimal fertility.
  • L-5-Methyltetrahydrofolate is the active form of folate that supports healthy fetal development and the production of red blood cells.
  • Psyllium Husk supports feelings of satiety, as well as healthy cholesterol levels, intestinal health, and a balanced gut microflora.
  • Acetyl L-carnitine can help patients with fatty liver better manage their symptoms and outcome of the disease. It also supports healthy sex hormone levels, which improves quality and quantity of egg and embryo development
  • N-Acetyl-L-Cysteine promotes normal insulin action, supports healthy blood glucose levels,  and encourages cycle regularity and mood and emotional support.
  • Bifidobacterium Breve helps replenish the gut microbiome with beneficial bacteria to support a healthy gut flora and aid digestion and nutrient absorption.
  • Alpha-lipoic acid (ALA) supports healthy serum glucose levels land fat metabolism.
  • Choline DL-Bitartrate supports healthy serum cholesterol, improves blood pressure, and encourages healthy moods.
  • Chromium Picolinate supports satiety, weight management, and healthy  lipid and carbohydrate metabolism. 

Inositol supports the release of serotonin, the feel-good hormone that promotes healthy, balanced moods.

Inositol helps our cells properly respond to the effects of insulin, promoting efficient metabolism of blood glucose.

Recent research suggests that inositol may help in managing the symptoms of PCOS and ovarian dysfunction.

Can your Sweet fix


Get your Sweet fix


Get your Sweet fix


How Lowsitol Compares.


Our Doctors Use a New Approach that Utilizes Nutrient Research in Managing Insulin Resistance, Fertility, and GI Health.

Our doctors decided to develop a new type of supplement that can help people with several health conditions heal from the inside out.

So, we made supplementing with Lowsitol an easy and delicious task.

All you have to do is mix one scoop of our deliciously sweet berry-flavored powder into a full glass or bottle of water. And that’s it – enjoy your delicious drink once a day!

Why You Should Choose Lowsitol?

Doctors formulated

Lowsitol to function as a blood glucose management supplement to support healthy blood glucose levels and a healthy response to insulin in the body.

4,000 mg of Inositol in One Scoop

A single scoop of Lowsitol delivers 4,000 mg of inositol. This is higher than other inositol supplements, which require two scoops to obtain the same inositol dosage.

Monk Fruit Berry Formula, No Sugar

Our great tasting berry-flavored formula is infused with monk fruit extract to support craving management and contains no added sugars to avoid blood sugar spikes.

Transparent labeling

We believe our customers deserve to know what’s in the supplement they are taking. That’s why our label is completely transparent with no hidden ingredients.

10 Unique Ingredients

Lowsitol is formulated with 10 unique ingredients, including probiotics to support a healthy, balanced gut microbiome and psyllium husk fiber to support healthy digestion.

Lowsitol is formulated to work throughout the day and night, so you never have to worry about timing multiple doses to support your health.
Best of all, there is a minimal risk of experiencing side effects with Lowsitol as it has been carefully blended for efficacy, purity, and safety.

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